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​​With 137 family stockholders, our Company faced communication challenges. Most stockholders wanted more communications. What they all really wanted was the “right” communication. It had to be concise, informative, complete, and well written. With the training we received from Connie and the editing she does for us on an ongoing basis, we are confident that we are communicating effectively with our stockholders and other business partners.  -Glenn J. Vice, CPA, CFE, CGMA, CMPE, President, The J. M. Burguieres Co. Limited.

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The BComm Coach

Listen in as I talk with John Beck of The Assessment Company on his HireUp Podcast devoted to everything human resources. Our topic? ... What else? Communication


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The deepest learning happens one-on-one with a skilled teacher. In those moments, the teacher can meet us right where we are and shape the learning experience to our specific needs. In your one-on-one consulting sessions with me, you get the benefit of that rich learning environment with an experienced business communication coach. The possibilities are limitless. Let me show you what you can do.

Coaching & Editing on Retainer  

Your communication never takes a break so neither should your ability to make it excellent. Clients on retainer get the benefits of instruction with the added layer of professional editing. This convenient service gives you peace of mind and great communications.

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